Benefit Culture ('benifit kultchur) n def: To transform anothers' life through mindful enjoyment

We bring you events that are truly life changing. Our aim is to raise the funds that can bring positive change to underpriviledged disabled people in the developing world. We're helping The Cambodia Trust with their fantastic work and all of the proceeds from our events go straight to this remarkable charity.

Our nights are about smiles, ours and theirs, the victims of landmines, polio and leprosy in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, East Timor and other countries in the region. It's about a child playing football for the first time or a farmer being able to return to supporting his family. It's about the joy of making it happen from a great night out.

We don't rattle buckets or hussle for money; instead we offer a beautiful exchange. Your donation guarantees quality entertainment and the trust uses it to deliver life changing treatment.

All Benefit Culture artists and volunteers work for free and often venues give their space for free too so virtually all the money we raise goes to where its needed.

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